Growth Hacking

With data-based experiments for new growth.

Strategic thinking, experimenting and testing the results. The aim is to create a valuable knowledge base for digital marketing measures. In order to make informed decisions and take targeted actions, the implementation of appropriate data tracking is essential.

​Set up:

  • Trackings: Google Analytics analysis, tracking implementation with GTM, Hotjar, Facebook pixel, CRO tool.
  • Analysis of the company and the industry (This also requires all information from the company that can support this part.)
  • Competitive analysis, integration setup, buyer personas, growth plan, preparation of growth documents: backlog, pipeline, experiments document, your playbook.
  • At the end of the month you will receive the following documents: personas, analysis documents, growth plan, competition analysis, tracking report (1-2 pages from Hotjar and event tracking).


In short sprints, collected and evaluated hypotheses are tested for their effectiveness. By measuring the corresponding data, valid decisions can be made as to which measures should be stopped, changed or scaled.


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