Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) optimizes websites to rank better in organic search results. Testing what works today in the industry and keeping up with the algorithm updates, results in offering the best solutions.


Each project is researched to find opportunities to build strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the competition.

  1. At the planning phase, we study the niche (state of the competition), set business goals, identify customer segments (geolocation, demographics, interests, etc.), find ways to convey the business message efficiently (outreach).
  2. The next phase is a deep dive into the niche to find the best opportunities to rank terms that will generate enough visibility that meets our goals.
  3. We then set the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help us measure campaign performance. Typically, we track lead generation metrics, i.e., traffic, referrals, sessions, page views, conversions, keyword rankings.
  4. Content is an integral part of SEO and a tool to reach prospects via different outreach campaigns and online properties. By now, we have a clear view of how to create and share our content. We organize content creation and schedule the distribution.

Technical SEO Audit

Having done all the preparation, we can now go on with the technicalities. We run a Technical SEO Audit that highlights all areas that need improvement. Typically, these areas are:

  1. Mobile compatibility
  2. Website/Page Speed
  3. Indexing/Crawling Issues
  4. Redirects/Migrations
  5. Sitemaps
  6. SEO Meta Titles/Descriptions
  7. Canonical/HREF tags
  8. Schema Markup Errors
  9. Internlinking//Outgoing Links
  10. Landing Pages Performance
  11. Link Profile Spam Score
  12. Analytics Data


technical seo audit


Landing Pages

Having valuable data from the technical audit and know what content we need to create to reach our goals, we then implement the best solutions on the website.

We organize the content by topics and create landing pages or map the content topics to existing pages. Here we optimize all technical SEO data based on our findings and focus on creating the best landscape for organic conversions. The implementation can be performed entirely from our team, or we can submit our guidelines to your IT dept.


A key factor to success is when all stakeholders are aligned on the SEO strategy, and there is smooth communication. To this end, we do many calls with your team to explain and answer all your questions. During the SEO campaigns, we do weekly calls to make sure we are on the right track. We can also organize workshops to train your team into SEO best practices.


We have many ways to convey the business message to customers, increase brand awareness, and build more visibility of products/services. The outreach is done with content in the form of articles, videos, infographics, etc., content that is shared on various platforms. Namely, we surface your pages and blog articles on Google page one, rank your videos in YouTube Top 10, and help people share your content with their peers.

Ted Politidis

Ted achieves Google Top 10 rankings with white-hat methods. Expertise in: website migrations, Schema markup, redirects, landing page optimization, speeding up websites, link profile cleaning, YouTube Top 10 SEO.

SEO Expert

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