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Facebook, Instagram and Co. are not only suitable as an online advertising channel to build brand awareness and get the highest possible likes and followers on the brand, but can also make a significant contribution to new customer acquisition and sales. However, this requires special knowledge in setting up, controlling and optimizing performance campaigns. If you already operate a Facebook account with paid ads, the potential of the current campaigns will be evaluated in a first step with an extensive report on improvement approaches. As a result, implementation can be carried out on a permanent basis in order to implement it as best as possible.

The audit of an existing account is carried out along defined checkpoints in order to identify possible measures to improve lead generation. When setting up an account, these best practices are taken into account:


  • activity levels, reactions to content

  • types of posts

  • social proof

  • promotions

  • customer feedback score


  • setup and page integration for performance tracking and quality optimization

  • standard events

  • custom events

  • funnel structure


  • audience targeting

  • activity on existing audiences

  • lookalikes set up

  • custom audiences used


  • audiences used

  • funnel setup and thinking

  • interest targeting

  • demographic focus

  • device optimization

  • instagram optimization

  • audience sizes

  • frequency settings


  • overall structure

  • nomenclature

  • objectives and performance stacking

  • conversion optimization and testing

Adsets & Ads

  • budgets settings for algo optimization

  • creatives

  • adcopy leveraging emotions, social proof, scarcity, urgency


  • prequalify before sales

  • build audiences + hit via retargeting, email, messenger chatbots

  • psychological buildup

  • video testimonials of buyers

  • brag posts from Influencers

  • sequential upsells

  • audience buckets

Time schedule:
The results of the audit can usually be presented to you three working days after assignment and access to the accounts.


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