Digital Media

Based on the available user data, targeted advertising banners and videos of your brand message are delivered to the target group. 

The following modules are implemented for creation and delivery:

1. Digital media planning:
a) Analysis of the target groups with the help of the various data sources
b) Analysis of the various digitally available inventories / websites according to the target groups
c) Creation of one or more whitelists of publisher websites for the respective target groups for approval by the customer (no “black box” delivery)
d) Structure of targeting according to parameters such as
– geography,
– interest,
– affinity,
– platform mobile laptop or desktop,
– etc.
based on pseudonymized IP data. With pseudonymization, the parts of the IP address that are necessary to identify the person behind it are permanently replaced by artificial parameters and thus made unrecognizable.
e) Budget allocation according to the individual target groups, start date and duration, goal of the impressions and / or clicks.
f) Setting up the tracking and key performance indicators

2. Media switching:
The setting of the campaign including the bid strategies on the trading desk (Adform) according to the approved media circuit diagram. Here, software from the Adform platform bids are placed in real time on advertising spaces. This is done according to a media circuit diagram.

3. Campaign management / optimization:
a) Daily monitoring of campaign development delivery to plan in
– more quantitative (performance such as click rates, etc.) as well
– qualitative aspects (e.g. viewability, brand safety),
b) adaptation of the bids (bids) according to the analysis results,
c) Optimizing the placement of advertising material, advertising material, websites, …

The use, including the transmission, as well as any further use of personal data, including IP addresses, is not technically necessary to perform the contractual targeting measures and therefore does not take place.

4. Reporting:
a) Preparation and transmission of interim reports in the form of weekly evaluations and the preparation of the target / actual analysis and the optimization measures implemented,
b) Preparation and delivery of a monthly report with strategic insights and recommendations.

All reports contain information about the performance of the managed campaigns, such as: Adimpressions, Adclicks, CpC, CpV, Budget, CpX, etc.

5. Creative Studio:
Creation of performance best practice based banner designs based on customer-provided style guides, design layers, images and logos including necessary banner format adaptations.


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